Become a Visual Statement!

Virtual Personal Stylist

Take the first steps toward a new you!
In these virtual sessions, we’ll create a style that fits your aspirations, personality and lifestyle. Once we pinpoint your look, we’ll discuss what fits, brands, styles and combinations will suit you best.

Nail a consistent style with continued sessions. These virtual sessions include:

Image Consultant

Reinvent yourself from the comfort of your own home. As much as we believe in the power of clothing, it’s not the only driving factor in having a sharp style. In these sessions, we’ll assess your entire image and dive into your self-care/grooming routine to bring out the best version of your visual self.

Personal Shopper

Build an impressive wardrobe tailored to your style. Our approach to personal shopping is centered around your personal and professional desires as we hand-curate a collection of fashionable pieces.

Closet Cleanse Partner

In this 2-hour session, we’ll work together to weed out outdated styles, unflattering fits and outfits that don’t reflect your image from your closet. Then, we’ll find a local foundation to donate the clothes to so we can clear the path for your new style.

Virtual Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

In this personal stylist & image consultant duo, we’ll pinpoint your style, re-invent your image and do a complete closet overhaul. From finding the perfect fits and brands to creating a customized grooming and self-care routine, we’ll help you start building the quality life you deserve.